how do we charge

How do we charge?

Charging is one of the most emotive aspects of a client/consultant relationship and we would like to reassure you that our rates are very competitive and we strive to meet, if not, price ourselves lower than the market. We welcome the opportunity to talk to you in depth about your project, from which we aim to have a competitive price to you within 2-3 working days.

Please do note though that our initial consultancy visit, which is normally around half-a-day will be provided free of charge whether you decide to continue working with us or find an alternative solution

From that session, we will assess your requirements and pull together a plan of action; we will provide you with an agreement detailing an outline of the project, timescales and our quote for you to review.

Should we be commissioned to complete the project, our fee will be the agreed rate as per the agreement. Should the basis for the project change, we will review the agreement with you and decide on the best way forward together.

Where applicable, you will be invoiced monthly and where our involvement with you and your company is for a set time period (shorter than one month), payment will be within 30 days of our last working day with you, with a 10% deposit upon signing the agreement.

Payment can be by BACS payment direct into our bank account (details will be provided to you in the agreement).

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